Radio Caroline had a major impact on broadcasting in the sixties  and seventies even after the UK Government passed an act of parliament designed to kill offshore broadcasting

At the time there was little room for pop music on the official BBC radio services like the Light Program and Caroline with it's new breed of DJ's were required listening for the new pop fans.

Caroline's home has always been the Essex coast and has broadcast from several ships converted for the purpose. Until its closure in 1991, The last home to Caroline was the Ross Revenge which was a converted trawler.

The Ross Revenge was purchased by a group of supporters and is now berthed in the River Blackwater at Bradwell on Sea where it is once again broadcasting on 648m medium wave, this time with the UK Government approval, as well as high quality via the internet.

Where to see Radio Caroline

Caroline can been seen from the riverbanks at Bradwell on Sea

Visit to Radio Caroline

Visitors are taken by boat to Radio Caroline where they are able to tour the boat. Tours must be pre-booked.

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