Dengie Hundred or Dengie 100?

This is a question that is regularly posed.

The term Dengie Hundred is derived from the Domesday Book, when the land newly governed by the Normans was broken down into administrative districts called hundreds and so this area of land was called the Dengie Hundred.

100 is the written representation for the number one hundred,

The English language has evolved over many years and is constantly changing in respect of new words coming into common usage and some older words no longer being used. Usage of words and writing has similarly changed over time.

In recent years given the growth of social media one of the common usage changes has been to abbreviate words and Hundred/100 has been one of these abbreviations that are often seen.

The answer to the question

The term Dengie Hundred is correct in accuracy of use and language.

The term Dengie 100, while not correct in formal English usage is in such common colloquial usage that its use is acceptable in social usage although still not in formal use.