The Dengie Hundred has many sheep farms that provide a visitor attraction in early spring at lambing time when fields are full of delightful young lambs.

Lamb - copyright Marshland Essex

Occasionally farms hold an open day at lambing to raise money for charity. These are advertised locally.

Marsh Farm centre at South Woodham Ferrers allows viewing of lambs as part of the normal admission and sells tickets to small groups of people allowing them to help the shepherd with the lambing itself.

The easiest villages to view young lambs in fields are Steeple and Southminster.

ADVICE  - Please remember the rules below

Park safely and do not block small rural roads

Farms are private property so do not trespass on fields, open gates etc. Stick to public roads or footpaths.

Remember that lamb are very young animals and so can be scared easily.

Ewes can be very protective of their newborn lambs, so take care.

Farm animals may carry bacterial infections such as E.coli 0157 which can be passed to humans by touching the animals body, droppings or even fences and other surfaces that they may have touched. This can be particularly dangerous to small children or pregnant women. So careful washing of hands is required if anything is touched.

Farm animals are not pets so do not feed them anything.